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Tangshan Fenghua Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Tangshan City, Lunan Qu Hua Yannan Road 6, the main road adjacent to the new South West Road, the city, connecting the city both exports and the city public transport is very convenient. Founded in 1986. Business 20 years, high-quality products and integrity and thoughtful service won customers love the products are exported to North China, Northeast market. The company developed PVC environmental barriers to high-quality PVC profiles for the coat, lined with specialty steel pipe, fence can not be compared with other features. It does not pollute the environment, corrosion, rust, fade, at -40 ℃ to 70 ℃ temperature conditions of use does not change color, not aging, embrittlement, long life, attractive design, color variety, easy to install, widely used in road , streets, railway stations, docks, work farms, river banks, gardens, community gardens, balconies and other occasions platform, bringing to eliminate pollution and beautify the environment, conserve resources, save investment, freedom from maintenance, saving time and other multiple benefits.

唐山塑膠制品 唐山塑膠制品廠 唐山PVC護欄
唐山PVC護欄廠 附件-連接條 唐山PVC護欄
唐山PVC樓梯扶手 唐山PVC線槽 唐山PVC護欄
唐山PVC樓梯扶手 pvc護欄 唐山PVC護欄
唐山PVC護欄 唐山PVC護欄 唐山PVC護欄
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