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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do i need Website to Get this Account?

No we use our own website to get the account Approved. Once after account delivered, you can use it.

Q:Can i Get Multi Accounts?

Yes you can use same Payee Name but different address.

Q:Can i Get Approval for Any Country?

Yes we do get approval of any country.

Q:Can i Use Fake Address?

No Google will send you a PIN code after first threshold $10 to verify the address.

Q:Can i apply with the banned Payee Name and Address?

Yes you can apply but address must be changed.

Q:Will Any Account Banned?

NO until and unless you violate Google Terms & Conditions.

Q:What is Refund Policy?

After Account Delivery there is no refund. You may check our refund policy at http://adsenseseller.com/refund-policy/