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Top 10 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense 2015

Top 10 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense 2015

Everyone knows the importance of Google Adsense which is still the greatest Pay Per Click (PPC) networking program compare to other online advertising companies in the world. If you owned a website or blog containing unique, targeted and quality articles thanTop-10-Best-Alternatives-to-Google-Adsense-2014 Google Adsense is the king to all advertising companies on internet to earn handsome amount, but to get approve for Google Adsense has been a difficult task in these days, additionally thousands of website/blog owners have been found to disable Google Adsense account just for not really especial reasons. The webmaster and blogger disappointed on the rejection of Adsense account or disapproving their account. They think that all work done on their blogs went in vain but they are recommended not to worry because we have brought this article to provide you top 10 best alternatives to Google Adsense 2015. There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the best to monetize with your article but if you are not able to get Google Adsense account or disabled then follow the post in which thoroughly has been discussed about best Alternatives to Google Adsense 2015:

1. BuySellAds:

Buy Sell Ads the direct advertising network online company is considered one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. It was formed in 2008 by the Todd Garland who is Chief Executive Officer of the BSA. With the passage of time it has been become best alternatives to Google Adsense in these days. BSA offers many opportunities in form of RSS feed ads, images, and as well as text based to monetize good amount for your quality contents. There is no huge different between the Google Adsense and BSA as both offer income for Pay Per Click but in BSA ads are being sold for a month. The requirements of the BuySellAds are not very strict as Google Adsense. BSA needs a website with professional design, fresh and quality contents to approve the site.   While using BSA services you will be paid as per receiving impression. You will wonder that if your website is good and having unique quality based contents you can earn more than Adsense. So never be disappointed if you have not been awarded with Google Adsense account because you will be warm welcomed by the BSA if you have good material on your website. Signup here

2. Tribal Fusion:

Tribal-FushionIf you have been rejected by the BSA than it is strongly recommended to apply for Tribal Fusion and start earning immediately after approving the site. Tribal Fusion is the great alternative to Google Adsense and if we talk about the requirements of Tribal Fusion than they need a site at least impression of 500,000 monthly. To getting approved for Tribal Fusion is not very easy as a cup of tea however, it is crystal clear that once your website or blog have been approved then you will forget Adsense and other online advertising companies. The site fulfilling the requirement of 500,000 monthly impression rejected by the Adsense must go for good earning with contents. For registration of Tribal Fusion click here 

2. Exit Junction:

Exit-JunctionThis website has also been good for earning online with your website and blog. Certainly it is the not best as Google Adsense but in the absence of Adsense it is also the best alternative of adsense. Many bloggers already are earning good amount with this advertising company. It is different from adsense and BSA because you will be earn from Exit Junction when a visitor come to your site and leaving then a popup window of exit junction ad will be appeared on the site. When a visitor clicks on this popup ad you income will be made. Good thing is that you can easily be approved for exit junction.

3. Media.net:

Media.net_Media.net is the online advertising company which is the collaboration of yahoo and Bing ads mutually. In the past the income of media.net was very low but in recent few years it has been progressed enough and started to give handsome earning to the bloggers for quality based contents. The minimum payout for media.net is about 50$ to transfer your earning amount directly to your bank account in you native country. The method of applying for media.net is different from others online advertisement companies as you need to send invitation and they will review your site at least for 2 weeks after that you will received approval/denied email from administrative staff. Checkout here how to get approved by the media.net. As per stats it has been observed that media.net is the best alternative to Google adsense and as well as BSA. So why are you waiting for just click here for giving invitation for your site.

 4. Infolinks:

InfolinksInfolinks is also referred for pay per click network which has text based ads alongwith images and video ads. In the past Infolinks was offering only text based ads but recently they have also starting to facilitate the bloggers by providing banners and as well as popup based advertisement. It is relatively good alternative to Google adsense and BSA. There is no especial requirement of Infolinks as you can easily get the account of Infolinks and start earn so if you are not be able to get adsense account then it is strongly recommended to get register at Infolinks as early as you can. Signup Here

 5. Qadabra:

QadabraQadabra is also the famous performance based advertisement network company which was especially formed to provide the facility to website owners and bloggers to earn good amount with Qadabra. Having reasonable organic traffic on your site will make you easy to get approval from Qadabra. The minimum payout of Qadabra is $1 but if you are using payaoneer prepaid card then you have to wait till your account balance reaches to 20$. Qadabra offers different size of ads alongwith popup options. If you want to earn with Qadabra then click here for registration. You can get register easily with Qadabra just click here.

 6. MadAdsMedia:

MadAdsMediaMadAdsMedia is the collations partner of Google Ads in the world of online earning with website and blog although it was hit by malware in recent time due to excellent team work it was recovered quickly. MadAdsMedia is just like ePom and eCPM which offers the facility to make money with you their good looking ads. Moreover the rates of Madadmedia is good therefore it can good for your blog to earn handsome. So it is recommended go for if you are finding difficulties with Google Adsense and other advertising companies. You can get register your website or blog here

7. Chitika:

ChitikaChitika is the pay per click (PPC) ads network which is working quite nicely since along. There are no especial requirement of Chitika but all they need that little bit traffic from countries like USA, Canada and Australia. If you are receiving 10% traffic from mentioned countries then you will not face any difficulty to get your account approve. The Chitika pays you with online transactions websites such as Paypal etc, alongwith checks or bank wire. if you are not getting approve by the adsense or other online companies then there is no alternative to Chitika to earn reasonable amount with your website. If you feel your site is receiving good amount of traffic than you can signup here.

8. Kontera:

KonteraKontera is just like Infolinks as their ads appear on the post in form of text whenever a visitor click on ads you earn. Moreover it also offers image and as well as video based ads. Kontera offer to publishers with incremental advertisement revenue. It prefers the website working on technology and mobiles the reason behind is that more of ads of Kontera are connected with technology and as well mobile phones therefore the blogger with such kind of site are warmly welcomed by Kontera. Join the one of the best alternative of Google adsense by clicking here.

9. Bidvertiser:

BidvertiserBidvertiser is another best alternative to Google Adsense which has been doing exceptional jobs since 10 years to provide the advertisers best chance to enhance their income with targeted and relevant ads on any qualitative website. It basically offers several kind of ads in which when a visitor click on their ad you will be going to earn. The minimum payout with Bidvertiser is 10$ so join the company and start to earn with best alternative to google adsense. Please click here for register with Bidvertiser.

10. Clicksor:

In the end I am going to tell you about the 10th best alternative to Google Adsense which is Clicksor. It is reasonable source of income with your website/blog especially if you are not able due to some reasons to be accepted by the adsense and some other advertising companies than it is another best way to earn handsome amount. Clicksor actually a contextual based advertising network. Clicksor provides you different kind of ads in formats such as image and text as well. The minimum payout for Clicksor is $50 through paypal. The most important thing about Clicksor is that they pay you after every 15 days so you might not have to wait for one month to withdraw your earning amounts as adsense. Why are you waiting for just go here to sign up for Clicksor.

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