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Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers in 2015

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers in 2015

Search Engine Optimization is hard to follow in 2015 especially for newbies. Proper use and implementation of SEO is essential to drive huge traffic from well-known search engines. It is the ambition of every blogger to get high rank in the popular search engines which is not an easy task at all. SEO needs proper use of keywords, internal & external links building and various other things to get reputable position. We have brought this post under the title of Top 10 Must Learn SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers in 2015 to guide newborn ones in the field of earning online money. Most of the bloggers are found to use wordpress platform therefore it is recommended to use 10 must have plugins for wordpress.


  1. Create Community at Social Sites:

Everyone knows the importance of social networking sites that play vital role in SEO. The trend of social sites is increasing very rapidly amongst the people in these days as we see every age of people has managed to open the account on famous sites such as Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Myspace.com and as well as Google+. Google has recently issued its tools named “Hummingbrid” which check the social media likes. Social media still matters to drive bundle to traffic therefore it is strongly recommended to create webpages on famous social sites.

 2. Guest Posts:

Many bloggers are unaware from the importance of guest post that is really helpful to high up the rank of website. You will be able to find many websites relating to your site offering guest posts. All you have to do that write an article and submit in guest post and in response you will get a high quality backlink which will result to bring organic traffic on your website/blog.

 3. Participate in Forums:

To participate in forums will be caused to quality link for your site and you can also generate traffic from forums. For this purpose, select forums relating to your post which is being discussed in forums and get registered. Now you should take part in ongoing discussion and leave links of your website during the discussion thus people will visit your site.

 4. Inbound Links:

There is no doubt that quality inbound links are considered key to bring huge amount of organic traffic from quality sites and as well as search engines. So the rank of your website can increase if you get more and more quality inbound links but you should never try to get links from sites which have been banned by Google Adsense. Spend some time to make inbound links to enhance the income from Google Adsense.

 5. Interlinks of Contents:

It is another important thing in search engine optimization to interlink relevant post of your website. Interlinking will help to spend the more time by visitors to your site thus the performance of your site will be increased and the bounce rate also gets increased but it is essential to link only relevant post to each other because irrelevant linking will only be the wastage of time.

 6. SEO Friendly Post Title:

The title of your post should be unique and relevant to your content and try to use less character in title because long title will not help you to bring visitors to your site. Moreover the content of post should be original and targeted because copied material from other sites will lead you for suspension of Google Adsense account. Checkout here top 12 reasons Google adsense account disabled.  

 7. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the best and reliable way to bring traffic on your site. All the successful bloggers suggest this method. Ask to people to subscribe your site and for this purpose wordpress offers plugin which can be installed. Whenever an visitor comes to your site a popup windows will appear on your site asking for subscribe this blog.

 8. Content is King:

Content is the key factor which should be unique and qualitative. There will be no use of SEO on low quality content because it will do nothing therefore if you want to earn handsome amount with your blog then you will have to write well and proper use of keyword is also necessary. Moreover try to avoid from keyword stuffing, keyword stuffing mean excess use of keyword in article.

 9. Shortened URLs:

Use short URLs because search engine crawlers find difficult to rank the long URLs and Google doesn’t give high rank these kinds of URLs so unique and short URLs always are preferred by Google.

 10. Focus on Meta Tags:

The content which you have posted should have title tags and as well as SEO descriptions. The SEO description of your site should be unique and different from your original post title but remember descriptions should only about contents.

 This was all about Top 10 Must Learn SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers in 2015 in which we have tried our level best to provide you the best information about post title. Moreover if you have any question or problem then don’t forget to ask in comments because you will be guided in comments also.

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