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Top 12 Reasons Google Adsense Account Disabled

Top 12 Reasons Google Adsense Account Disabled

Every blogger and owner of the website is well aware from the importance of having Google Adsense account that is the best Pay Per Click (PPC) online program yet. It is the phenomenal online program to monetize the traffic of your website/blog. In recent few years many content monetized companies have been established and successful to give the opportunities to bloggers for earning reasonable money but despite all of this there is no competitor of Google adsense has been entered in the market. If we talk about Google Adsense then it is king of all PPC network programs that pays you with high rates. Google Adsense actually is owned by Google Search Engine which is the most popular and highly income generated business in the world. The standard of Google is very much high therefore they have made very strict policies and TORs for awarding Google Adsense account. If you are not able to get approved by adsense then see our another post for How to get Approved Google Adsense Account.

If we talk about Asian countries especially India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Google adsense has announced very very strict policies due to find many spammers in this region. In the past it was much easier to get Google adsense account but since Google introduced latest and technologized tools that review the site/blog tremendously and had made so much difficult to approve the website for their program due to crapper and garbage contents.

But if somehow these kinds of websites get managed to approve Google adsense account later on has to face to the problem of Google Adsense Account Disabled. Sometime websites containing quality material are also being disabled and most probably reason behind is that they don’t follow the instructions issued by the Google Adsense which are different for every country. Now let’s talk about our post topic which as Top 12 Reasons Google Adsense Account Disabled (SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers). I have given plenty of time online to observe the sites which were disabled for Google adsense and found that there were many reasons and most important reasons have been discussed below:-

  1. Never make fraudulent clicks on ads shown on your website/blog.
  2. Google hates paid or self-generated traffic on your website/blog. If you are receiving such traffic you will surely banned or disabled once Google Adsense comes to know. Remember you never can make fool to adsense so avoid illegal activities that bring traffic on your site.
  3. Never try to get approved with less quality and copyrighted material on your site/blog. You may get approval initially but when adsense comes to know with their powerful tools such as Panda or Spider then they will immediately disabled your account and will pay you nothing which have earned before.
  4. Never force visitors to click Google ads by writing “Click Here” or any other way.
  5. Never use software that helps to generate traffic.
  6. Avoid direct visitors to your site or in other ways never ask anyone to visit or click on your ads.
  7. Use of ads on banned websites.
  8. Adsense allowed at least 03 units on one page so excess use of units or ads on site will also cause of disabled account.
  9. Google Adsense is family saved ads networking program so any site with pornographic or vulgar material will be result of permanently banned.
  10. The sites which have been made for only approving adsense account will not be entertained by Adsense.
  11. Most of the adsense users don’t follow TOR issued by the adsense and somehow they mistakenly violate the rules and regulations thus their accounts are being disabled/banned.
  12. Ads shown on your sites are earning much but fewer sales can also be the reason of disabled account.

These were the 12 most important reasons Google disables or banns you adsense account. So it is strongly recommended to keep use of adsense as per requirements and demands set by it. If you found to violate adsense at any point you will be disabled or in some cases your site will permanently banned despite of having quality content and premier design of your site/blog. It you have still any question in your mind I will like to listen in comments and you will be guided in proper and meaningful way so don’t hesitate to ask in comments.

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